Performing the operation Electronic business in the company FRIDRO d.o.o.

ECA website in Slovenia:

Name of operation: Electronic business of FRIDRO d.o.o.
Abbreviation for operation: E-FRIDRO
Co-financing amount: 30.000 EUR


The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Description of the operation with the purpose and objectives of the operation:

With the implementation of electronic commerce we want to raise the level of business in FRIDRO d.o.o. and enable it to expand further into foreign markets.

1. Electronic exchange between partners:

The aim of this measure is to establish or upgrade electronic exchanges, interfaces and secure connections between partners to automate and digitize international B2B supply chain processes to reduce all business costs, manage inventory and supplies efficiently, and increase responsiveness to customer needs.

2. Website for foreign markets

The aim of the measure is to upgrade to a modern interactive website that will offer content in English and German and will also be linked to social networks.

3. Online shop

Via the company website an online store is already operating and we are constantly upgrading it. However, at this point it is essential to set up a sales program in English and German.

4. Product Sales Video:

We want to produce more product-sales videos of FRIDRO products in at least one foreign language (English). We are confident that this measure will significantly increase sales in foreign markets, as videos currently allow for maximum reach on social networks. Customers can easily imagine the product after watching the video, as well as the video content evoking emotions and encouraging customers to buy.

5. Capacity building - training

In the first set, the management staff will attend e-commerce training and awareness courses. In the second part, examples of good practices in the introduction and implementation of "Industry 4.0", which have been successfully implemented by foreign and Slovenian companies, will be presented and will be implemented on a general or industry level.

Financial support:

The call for tenders for operations is partly financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Call for tender for the selection of operations is carried out under the "Operational Program for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020", the priority axis "Increasing the international competitiveness of SMEs"; priority investments ┬╗Development and implementation of new business models for SMEs, especially in relation to internationalization "; the specific objective of "Increasing the international competitiveness of SMEs".

Results of operation:

By establishing or upgrading e-commerce, the company will strengthen its competitive position and increase our international sales opportunities based on direct benefits in the form of:

  • Constant cost reduction - the purchase process or business processes that take place between the buyer and the supplier are complex, intensive and accompanied by a multitude of documents (demand, offer, order, delivery note, supplier invoice, payment order) in both directions. Direct electronic linking will, in particular, reduce the cost of implementing the process and of producing and sending documents during the purchase process. Automation will allow employees more time to negotiate better purchasing conditions and build better relationships with suppliers.
  • Shortening the Business Cycle - A shorter business cycle means, among other things, lower costs and a faster response to the dynamic demands of the market, and thus a significant comparative advantage over other providers of similar products; e-commerce, when connecting with our suppliers and customers, offers significantly faster sending and receiving of orders, invoices, and other documents.
  • Developing more efficient and effective customer assistance and connectivity - By providing our product buyers with a detailed description of the offer and a direct insight into the state or status of orders, we will relieve our sales department while raising the level of customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Reducing sales and marketing costs and creating new market opportunities - enabling new opportunities due to unlimited sales in foreign markets, especially for smaller suppliers like our company, who would otherwise be unable to present their offer on the global market.

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